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6 Step Quick Start Guide To Starting & Growing Your Machine Quilting Business
Every step includes Marketing. 

Get Ready for Year 1- Find out what to do.
Get Prepared for Year 2- Use this strategy.
Get Loving Year 3 & Beyond- Increase profits.

44 Sections of Training & 19 PDF Downloads

  • Outstanding Pricing Strategies That Work
  • Where to Find New Customers
  • What Services to Offer That Makes You Money
  • Inexpensive Marketing That Works
  • What Type of Inventory to Stock
  • How to Increase Order Size and Amount
  • How to Become an Authority
  • How to Outsmart Your Competition

Here is what they are saying...

Exceedingly well designed and a real advance for quilting!

 Sally has advanced the process of educating and collaborating for quilters by making the process of sharing information accessible in this online course so easy and ready to use. She has stepped into the field of instructional design like a pro and made the content user friendly and fun to interact with. Accolades! - Julie Rea - Educational Psychologist and fellow quilter

Pam Foster - I am so happy to have the opportunity to view this course and be able to go back and reference it at any time. Full of important information from a good studio set up to getting the business legally set up and much more. Sally Terry is thorough, enjoyable to listen to and gives the right information to help you become professional and have a successful longarming business. 

 D. D. - Smart businesswoman

Sally Terry is not only a great quilting teacher (I personally took classes from her), but she is also a smart businesswoman. This course explained, in detail, how to start your own longarm quilting business. She covered everything from taking in a quilt, pricing, building your business and marketing. Thanks, Sally!

P. J. - Huge Value

There's a huge amount of value in this course, way beyond people who just want to create a quilting business. It's a detailed walk through many crucial aspects of starting ANY business; very nicely structured and delivered. All sorts of solid marketing advice accompanying detailed steps on setting up your business.



Earn while you are learning without being overwhelmed. Learn how to be perfect without being perfect. Do it your style, in your time frame, even if you are working full time or part time you can still start and grow your successful business. Get a step-by-step plan with marketing and advertising for your Professional Machine Quilting. Even if you are in your 10th year and want to jumpstart a new product or service this will work for you.

Most Valuable Machine Quilting Start-Up System Available for Professional Machine Quilting Businesses in today's market to get your business started right.

We are excited, these are the exact strategies used to grow my business and to help hundreds of machine quilters grow their businesses.

We are pleased to offer this program to those that are serious and know they cannot do it alone, as an entrepreneur you value that the path has already been paved for you with the pitfalls removed.

Sally Terry is an Expert when it comes to customer service training and marketing. Learn from one of the top innovators in the machine quilting industry so you don't make mistakes that cost you money.

If you have the 6 Step Sytem get this even more indepth version with added marketing strategies for every step. If you have taken the class live with Sally, you will love this training, because class time was always too short. This class will always there for you online with updated infomation and strategies that work added constantly.

How To Start Your Machine Quilting Business



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Sally Terry Wiggle Room Certified Patterns & Techniques

Sally Terry Machine Quilting Classes

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Sally Terry Machine Quilting

get *4 free patterns* immediately & updates when you sign up for Tips, Tricks & Twists

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NEW CLASS for Starting & Building Your Machine Quilting Business in the 1st. 3 Years - This NEW class will help you launch your business and keep in growing in the first 3 years. Rekindle your business, find new customers and keep the ones you have loyal.

Class Are Being Scheduled - Bring classes to your local guild, small group, quilt shop or private class with a NEW feathering technique, free-motion "wiggle room" fills, borders and more. Call 855-635-8536 to discovery what could be instore for your group with Award Winning Instructor of the Year. Sit Down and Stand Up

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Cerified Wiggle Room machine quilting patterns and technique, be sure to look for the seal so you can have great results with struggling to be perfect. 

Because you never have to be perfect now get Sally's "wiggle room" certified patterns and techniques!

For years Sally has been giving you Products and Classes with "wiggle room",  no matter what level of technique and skill from true beginner to advanced "wiggle room" is built in to these well thought out patterns and design techniques for trouble free stitching. Look for the Certified Wiggle Room Seal in Quilt Savvy Products.

Class List Page for quilt shows, guilds and quilt shop classes. Class are offered for long arm, mid arm, short arm and traditional sit down. 

We're FILMING NEW Class Videos for all machine quilters. It is full of the most requested techniques for you to improve your skills so you have "wiggle room perfect" results when you are not perfect...but you will be perfect.

Sally's Machine Quilting Philosophy has always been 
since 2000 and you have heard her repeat this to you in every class...

" ♥ You can do this, you already have the ability, you have it within you, it is just my job to show you where you go to find it within yourself. That is why I create original patterns, techniques and designs building the mistakes in for you so you never have to be perfect but your results are. ♥ "

Thanks for sharing a part of your day with us, XXXOOO
Sally Terry

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Sally Terry wiggle room certified machine quilting classes and techniques

Because you never have to be perfect get Sally's "wiggle room" certified patterns and techniques!



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Sally's machine quilting knowledge has been shared at 100's of events, guilds and quilt shops for the last 15 years.

Sally Terry Machine Quilting Classes and appearances

Sally has trained or demonstrated on: 
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